The Solargy team are highly dedicated to making clean renewable energy more common. The team of professionals has experienced hundreds of installations all across the globe and has installed solar systems on residential and commercial properties and they are very passionate about installing more systems in order to improve the quality of life.

The company began operation in 2008 in California and was one of the first companies to install solar systems. Afterwards Solargy was sent to the Middle East to install solar systems and to prepare and guide other companies for the important task. After over 10 years of experience the company has gained a lot of knowledge in the solar field.

As of now Solargy is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and accompanies customers who decide to go solar from the initial to the final stages while maintaining professionalism, reliability and courtesy.


Haim Zano


Solar energy and mechanical engineer, certified professional project manager (PMP) highly experienced in the solar industry.

His experience includes managing the construction of the largest CSP solar plant in the world, project manager of developing cleaning tools for solar systems and S2S solar plant manager. 

Haim wants to bring his world class large scale experience to the residential solar industry in Las Vegas and that can be your benefit!

Yehuda Arbeli

Operations Manager

A certified installer with over 10 years of experience in various countries around the world. Has installed solar systems for private homes and commercial buildings, has developed a range of products in the solar field such as floating solar systems and off grid systems. He also conducted multiple training workshops for installation of solar systems for other companies.

Yefat Arbeli
Logistics Manager

Brings with her extensive experience in management and logistics. Has founded and managed multiple Solar companies in the Middle East, managed dozens of employees and has accompanied many customers through the process of installing a residential or a commercial solar panel system.

Itay Arbeli
Head of Sales

Brings with him plenty of experience in sales of a wide range of products, especially in the solar field and has took part in many solar installations, residential and commercial. Leads a team of professional salesmen that will accompany you throughout the entire installation process.


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2948 East Russell road. Las Vegas, Nevada 89120



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